Bridge Connections In Windows Vista and 7

Hi, this is a Tech Tips section, the following post was a question my friend had and actually a lot of people ask me how to do this. So here is how to “Bridge Connections” in Windows Vista.

Birding connections is is useful in many way’s as it allows you to share an internet connection from e.x. WiFi to ethernet, this is great for a temporary network to share files or hook up your Xbox 360 using your laptop’s wireless connection (I’m about to save Xbox gammers about US $100), so here is how to do it. (The following works in Vista and 7 how ever names may very slightly).

Step 1: If you already have your Wifi and Ethernet connection setup you will be bridging them creating a LAN (Local Area Network) then proceed to step 2. If you don’t you need to set up the ethernet connection go to “Start” then “Control Pannel” then select “Network and Internet” and select “Create a network” (names may vary), you need an ethernet connection, the wizard will guide you through the rest.

Step 2: Open up network connection by clicking the start button then select “Control Pannel” now select “Network and Internet” click “Network Sharing Center” and then “Manage Connections”

Step 3: Now hold down CTRL and select the networks you want to bridge.

Step 4: Now right click one of the selected connections and click “Bridge Connections”. You may encounter a Windows Security window asking for administer password or confirmation, provide the data and hopefully you will be off to sharing those connections.

DISCLAIMER: You shouldn’t create a bridge between an Internet connection and a network connection because it creates an unprotected link between your network and the Internet, which makes your network accessible to anyone on the Internet. Also you can only set up one bridge on a computer at a time, that bridge can handel any number of connections though.

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~Zephaniah Washington

One Response to “Bridge Connections In Windows Vista and 7”
  1. Mr Cummings says:

    Sounds like this is an easy task… I am not sure why I would awnat to do it though… I suppose not having an Xbox to connect makes it seem extra. ;o)
    Keep up the good work Z

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