Just Purchased iPad

Well I finally did it, after I wrote my review for the iPad on the day that it came out, I just kept wanting to use it more, so what were my choices? Well I could stand inside an Apple store all day or I could just buy one. So went into Bestbuy (I wish I had taken a picture) and write in the front door is a sign that says “we have ipads in stock”, I’m like “yeah you better have them in stock or I’m am gonna have to go all the way to Tuckwila to get one. I made a bee line right fir the apple section of the store. I was in and out in under 10 minutes I love the service at that place (in case any of you guys work for the Tacoma Bestbuy just wanted to say good work). Look for my full review if the iPad in a couple of days after u have had a real chance to use this thing. Also keep an eye out for my full review if the 3G iPad.
Typed firm my iPad using the WordPress fir iPad app.

~Zephaniah Washington.

One Response to “Just Purchased iPad”
  1. nicolas says:

    Nice dude u should get the tap tap radiation app and let me play tomorrow:D

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