iPhone OS 4 The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable (from keynote)

Well the next leap in the iPhone has arrived. iPhone OS 4, this new operating system that has been long over due was demoed by Jobs and is available as a developer preview now (OS 4), it will be public late this summer. So is this just going to be another OS that Apple makes with what they think is best or have they heard the voice of the people? Well in Mr. Jobs’s keynote he said that many of the additions to this OS were because of user request. Let’s take a break to look at what Apple abs chosen to show us about their new OS.

1) Multi Tasking (user requested)
2) Folders (answer to user complaints)
3) Redesigned Mail App
4) iBooks iPhone Edition
5) iAd

Wait what? More ad’s… how is that a good idea. Well that is what I asked my self when I watched the keynote. As Steve began to show it off it did not appear to so bad. When people think if an ad it is like a TV commercial. In iAd it is a small banner at the bottom of the bottom of the screen, just like what developers have been throwing into their apps for the past year. In the previous version of the ad, you would be “yanked out of your app and thrown into a browser and taken to the developers or ads website” to quote Jobs. As Jobs described it on stage, the ads are of much better quality and do not yank you out of your app. Some of these ads even have games in them. I would say this is a questionable addition but not a bad one.

Multi-Tasking, go head yell YES you know you want to. Finally overhauls the most wanted addition to the iPhone since the app store. This addition has taken so long (according to Apple) because they we looking for a way to run multiple apps in the background without draining battery or chewing up processor speed. The key word is MULTIPLE apps , for example I can run Pandora Radio or if you are me Slacker Radio while I am on a bus into town, that is all i could do, when OS 4 is out I can run Pandora switch to Mail, now I want to game, so I open Tao Tap or Plants VS Zombies. With a quick double tap to the home key the screen slides up slightly and all the apps I have running in the background appear, I can flick through them and click one, plus the app stores where you cast left off even in game. So I would have to that this is a Good… shoot GREAT addition to the device.

Now for all you Android users out there (I myself use the Droid), you know folders well they are great for the limited holm screens some of us have. Well now iPhone users get them to. This is a pretty simile addition. When you want to make a folder just hold down on an app just as if you were to move it and then drag it over another app and drop, the apps instantly reorganize into a folder and that folder is named by the category of apps you have in it, yes you can rename it, and their is no limit to how many folders you can have. This is great for you super app downloads you used to be able to only see 180 or so apps, if you were to replace all your apps with folders you could store up to 2100 apps (assuming you have enough memory). So good addition.

Mail, now has a unified in box (user requested) and support for more than one Exchange account (USER requested). You now also have threaded messages allowing for an easy way to keep track of conversations. So good addition.

iBooks for iPhone. Well those of you who have been using your Kindle app for iPhone now have a chance to experience the iBooks app which was first released to us iPad users, so now you have a reason to change. This app feats the same book shelf and flip around store as the iPad dose. I am giving this a questionable as the screen fairly small on the iPhone for the ibooks style of reading and the Kindle is very established on the iPhone. We will have to see haw this turns out.

The iPhone OS 4 will be available for download from the iTunes store in summer, a final date has not been determined. There was no mention in the keynote if this would be available for iPad users how ever unties safe to assume that it will be as the iPad runs iPhone OS and it is good timing for the OS to be released as Apple has sold 450,000 iPads as of publication date. The price for this OS was not disclosed, but expect the usual price.

So there are my thoughts on the new OS. Please sound off what you think of iPhone OS 4 in the comments section.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator.
Typed on iPad.

One Response to “iPhone OS 4 The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable (from keynote)”
  1. nicolas says:

    Hm, sounds like apple is improving some. But as you and I know multitasking kills the battery really bad. You would definately need a taskkiller app which should be developed immediately.

    Have you seen the iPhone 4G HD concept yet? Its crazy how much they are changing the iphone! Its all for the good though, and by 2011 we should see an iphone up to par.

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