It is at this time that I must recant the story below, as of when it was written it was true, how ever shortly before 5:00 PM PST word spread that a final appeal by the Brazilian government went through and the contract to build the Bel Monte dam on the Xingu river. It is now that I must ask all of you to make one final plea to stop this, please do anything that you can, and head over to Amazon Watch a company based out of Sacramento, who I have been working with. I must also ask that when you read this you pay a few seconds of silence to honor the 40,000 people that will be displaced and or hurt and killed in the events to come, it is with deep sadness I write. It is not the right of another person to take what rightfully belongs to another people because they have money and technology, something the Xingu river natives do not have and do not want, they only want to live in peace on land that has been theirs for hundreds of thousands of years. This not only affects people, but the loss of this much rain forest will cause environmental issues for generations to come, we will also see many species die out from this, I have wanted to go to the rain forest since I was young, shoot I still am young but it looks like I will not get to see it in all it’s glory, nor will my children or your children. When something this great becomes nothing more than a five paragraph section in a history book, than man has over stepped it’s boundaries. nature will one way get us back for this. People wonder why some many bad things are happening with quakes, drought’s, and food shortages, I don’t we caused it, I wonder what will happen next. So once more please get in contact with Amazon Watch, write letters, do anything at all to help these people and in turn your own future and that of your children, just because you may not have a lot of money (hey that’s me) does not mean you can not help change things. My way of fighting for others is with words, find your way and apply it, your future thanks you in advance.

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God Bless and help the Xingu river native’s.

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The story I recently posted about James Cameron and his mission to help the people of the Xingu river tribe has been resolved (mostly). Jim took Sigourney Weaver and Joel David Moore (Grace Augustine and Norm Spellman for those who only remember character names), on his second trip. Through hours of protesting and a bottle of Jack (nothing like sitting on a run way in the middle of no where waiting for the pilot to get there, oh and then push your plain to the run way) the auction run by the Brazilian government to award the construction contract has been halted. For more info and a fun story check out G4 or MNN.

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~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator
learnnavi.org Writer


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