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Alright, well yesterday James Cameron’s epic movie Avatar came out on Blu-ray and DVD. I went to one of the midnight release events near me Fred Meyer, now that is a dead give away as to what part of the country I live in. Any way while everyone else was at Wal-Mart or Bestbuy waiting in the worlds longest line, I managed to be the first person to show up out of 20 people. This means that I managed to get my copy of Avatar far quicker than the rest of the people (yay for regional stores and being first). I wanted to go to one of the larger events just to see how many people showed up, but I did not want to stand in line all night, from what I have heard there were some pretty epic turn outs at the larger stores like Wal-Mart. Now hopefully you have gotten your copy of Avatar, of you haven’t you can always order from Amazon, it is an epoch movie, and Pansonic speaks the Na’vi language, not literally but they are raying to get on your HD 3-D side. Now the 3-D (no one puts a hyphen in than anymore I just realized that) version of the movie that is about the environment, your morals, and love, that was liberally slashed with some real txím kicking (go to Learn Navi and download the lexicon to figure out what that word means, is not out yet. However if you are someone who likes to plan ahead and you don’t own as PS3 (e newest model is 3D capable with an update). Than Pansonic wants to give you $25 dollars off of qualifying Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray players. Also in the DVD or DVD Blu-ray combo packs, or… Any copy for Avatar currently available has an insert where if you go to the website that is listed on the insert than you will be able to plant and “adopt” a tree, 20th Century Fox in honor of Earth Days 40th anniversary partnered with James Cameron is planting 1 million trees this year (2010), now what I mean by adopt is that you can sort grow and mod your tree and a somewhat social network (yes it links to Facebook, Twitter, myspace, and all those other things). Oh and not to mention you will also receive, sneak peaks, special offers, and Avatar news, now that all screams to me that those of us who have registered may just get a heads up of when the still rumored but we all know it is going to happen because the thing made to much money Avatar II comes out. That means you may also be able to order tickets sooner so you don’t get stuck only being able to see it in Real-D, oh hi thats me but that is a story for some other time.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator
forum.LearnNavi.org Writer

And don’t forget to help the people of the Xingu river, I will have an update on that soon plus info form Amazon Watch.

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