A note

Alright this is a note to readers. I wanted to apologize for not posting or updating stories, at this time well I’m sick and it sucks. Actually right now is the first time my headache (which loves to come as free gift with these colds) has reached a point where I can tolerate it. I’m all medicated up (no, no pain killers..though the headache is bad enough) and will hopefully be posting some new stories soon. And real quick about the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G I am not really going to review it because the only difference is 3G (where you can get it, it is on AT&T and we all know how that go’s). Oh and you lose 1 hour of battery life (10 going to 9 hrs) when using 3G, but the device will try and jump to Wi-Fi when ever possible. See ya all soon.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator
forum.learnnavi.org Writer


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