Coming Soon – WWDC ’10 June 7-11

Apple’s yearly World Wide Developers Conference. Unfortunantly I’m not going this year as the price tag is $1599, and I barely have a Mountain Dew budget. My thoughts from the coverage will be posted though and I would like to invite you all to a little “Comment Conversation” or a micro forum (because I can’t afford a forum). I would love to know your thoughts on everything from iPhone apps and OS to the nitty gritty of Apple (so anything Apple related). And just a little question (I need to set up a poll for this) do you think Android OS is better than iPhone OS? And is the Droid Incredible real competition for the (now old) iPhone 3GS?

3 Responses to “Coming Soon – WWDC ’10 June 7-11”
  1. nicolas says:

    Ugh, here we go again….

    Hopefully sprint doesn’t commit suicide and let the evo release a week after the iphone, if that happens then sprint will be over with. The evo is way better imo and it runs on 4g. If it is released this month then hopefully with enough advertising the iphone for once may be shadowed out a little. Either way we are going to see at least a million devices sold in one day, and ugh how bad that is to see. I have always hated at&t and the iphone, maybe its because I’ve been verizon raised or its because apple says its the best. Htc already has the droid incredible and that looks like it is better than the “leaked” iphone 4. The DI also runs flash player, which is sometthing that the iphone will never get. Oh well, we will see how this all pans out.

    • one thing I don’t like is flash on mobile devices. I run some beta code on mine and it slows the device down unbelievably, flash also relies heavily on mouse overs something a touch screen can not do. The iPhone was my first smart phone and someday will be my last. I hate AT&T, they suck, but the iPhone 4G appeals to me more than the droid incredible, partially because of my current employment, which is apple based, and though I hated my 3G because it got slow an I like the droids speed, 1 the droid has no battery life I could stretch the iPhone for 3 days my droid barely 1 1/2. 2 iPhone is a nicer interface and much easier to use. Those are my main points.

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