iPhone 4G Video Chat Wi-Fi only!

Know what this is:

IMAVCHAT_COULD_NOT_CONNECT_NO_REMOTE_WIFI = “The video call could not connect because a remote Wi-Fi connection could not be established.”;
IMAVCHAT_DISCONNECTED_NO_LOCAL_WIFI = “The video call disconnected because the local Wi-Fi connection was lost.”;

well thats the code that says YES to what I’m calling MobileiChat. But this is for now a Wi-Fi only feature. That isn’t unreasonable because even video chat on my Mac on Comcast high speed is well sketchy at times, and done over an AT&T 3G well we all know there 3G is sketchy on a good day. So could this be an option for the Verizon iPhone? Who knows. But wait theres more.

Know what this is:


Well that is the code that says… well I will let Gizmodo say it “more code indicates you’ll be able to talk shit to somebody’s face after you crash their planes in Flight Control with video chat integration into iPhone 4’s GameCenter, making for what’s sure to be a heady combination of ChatRoulette and Xbox Live” well I;m stoked how about you. No matter what network Wi-Fi, AT&T 3G, or Verizon 3G. You will be chatting video chatting on your new iPhone soon, either in Starbucks or the park.

Gizmodo post by Matt Buchanan

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator
LearnNavi.org Writer

3 Responses to “iPhone 4G Video Chat Wi-Fi only!”
  1. nicolas says:

    Well, the htc evo has a front camera too. The only (and huge) difference is it works on 3g and 4g, not just wifi

  2. nicolas says:

    True. They are releasing a day apart after all

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