Jail Break iPad

Yes, the wonderful people form the DevTeam Blog have done it agin. Now all of you that think Apple likes to throw you in the cell and throw away the key have a digital nail file to break your way out, it’s called Jail Breaking. There are a lot of app’s to do this but for iPad currently only one known as Spirit.

Now this is the first version, and well things can go wrong, though I had no problems with the Spirit software. This software is so easy to use, you just click the Jail Break button after plugging in your iPad (backing it up in iTunes is a damn good idea) , and let it do it’s thing, the only way you can really mess it up is well messing with it, just let it work. The Spirit process is quick, faster than quickpwn for iPhone, of course all this depends on how much junk is in your iPad’s trunk. Now this software works with all iPad’s, I tried it on my Wi-Fi only model, I do not own the 3G version so I have no idea what happens when you jail break it , but it should be the same, if you do have the 3G version engadget has used a 3G version in their Jail Break. Some common questions are: Will this screw my iPad up? Well their is a chance that the Jail Break could fail, like if you unplug it mid break, and who knows what will happen if it fails. Also only use Cydia app’s made for iPad, iPhone app’s not made by Apple for the iPad will not work well at all. The worst that happens is you could brick your iPad from iTunes forever, but most likely you will just end up factory restoring. Will this void my warranty? heck yes it will, but wait if you just factory restore in iTunes before taking it to your local “Genius” who will most likely say “your screwed now”, you will not have to worry the restore erases all traces of your dirty deed, what Apple doesn’t know won’t hurt them… much. Now one other thing you might want to do is save your SHSH or your current firm ware version, incase you “accidentally” update your firm ware in which Apple will inedibly have fixed the exploit Dev. uses to Jail Break, and well you will lose your Jail Break and have to wait for an update. I use a Mac and so I attempted to use a program called Umbrella where you have to put your iPad in restore mode and grab your ECID from the more info pane in Mac OS X for a tutorial the guy’s over at Jaxov have given us one but they messed one thing up they say just hold down your iPad’s home key to put it in restore, you have to hold down Sleep/Wake key and home key to do that. If you use Windows their is an easier way called AutoSHSH I have not used it, so if you do this let me know how it works, you can find the tutorial and download links here. If you choose to do this be careful it is not for the faint of heart. I also do not condone Jail Breaking, and after I play with it for a bit to look for errors so I can report them to you all, I will be returning to the tranquility of Apples fenced in garden.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator
LearnNavi.org Writer

2 Responses to “Jail Break iPad”
  1. Nicolas says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I am glad someone figured out a jailbreak for it. Windows 7 theme would look really good on an ipad:)

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