Avatar Update

According to this post Avatar II (the unofficial name for the movie) is a go. Mr. Cameron says that it will take about three years to complete. Also something that many fans such as myself had hoped to see is more of Pandora and we will, the sequel to the worlds biggest movie will take place on the on the coasts and in the waters of the earth like moon Pandora, Cameron has done many deep sea dives and documentaries, so while reinforcing his Hometree Initiative , which is to plant 1 million trees around the world, he will also tackle the environmental challenge of the seas, and protecting marine environments. We are hoping and fairly sure (though it is a guess) we will continue Neytiri and Jakes story. Also extended Avatar will be released this summer around August 8th (four days sooner and it would my birthday). Stay tuned for more updates.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator


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