HTC EVO 4G: Could This be the Long-Awaited iPhone Killer?

My answer: absolutely! The HTC EVO 4G, which will be available exclusively at Sprint starting June 4th at 200$ for a two year contract, is the next superphone to take on the iPhone, and this time I am sure it will be the iPhone killer we have been waiting for.

The EVO packs an amazing list of incredible specs. Some of the biggest features include an 8 mega-pixel camera, capable of recording 720p HD videos, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video chat and Skype calling, a beautiful TFT 4.3 inch capacitive multitouch screen, a mini HDMI output to connect to your HD tv to watch your HD videos and pictures, a kick stand for media viewing, and MiFi mobile hotspot capability to connect up to eight wifi-enabled devices to your phone. and it all runs on android 2.1 (some rumors say it will have 2.2 when released) and htc sense UI 1.6. But one feature sticks out more than the others: 4G connectivity. As the worlds first android 4g* device, there is no competition in the 4G market here in the US. *The actual first 4g phone was the HTC MAX 4G, but it runs winmo and it is available only in Russia. But lets get back on topic. In case you dont know what 4G is, it stands for 4th Generation Wireless Connection, and it is capable of giving you speeds up to 10x faster than the current 3g networks on all of the major carriers. Oh, and dont forget, full Adobe Flash Player will be supported on the device, which is something apple will never get. With so many features packed into one device, it is safe to say that features-wise the EVO beats the iPhone 3gs by a long shot, as well as the iPhone 4.

Another reason why I think the EVO will beat the iPhone is because of publicity. Sprint and Radio Shack have been reportedly planning a four week ad campaign which should start after wednesday’s EVO party (yes, this wednesday in new york after the prince of persia release party). After the party is over we should have a firm release date for you as well as specific pricing information as well. Sprint, who is really loosing customers the past few months, will bank heavily on the advertisements for the EVO, which is now Sprints last hope. Also promising for great publicity is the fact that last week Oprah showed off her EVO on her show. If she says “get this phone”, millions will be sold. Then, make a commercial staring her, and you get millions more EVO users! On top of all this, popular science magazine as well as pretty much every tech blog out there has been raving about the device, and CNET has awarded it Best of CTIA 2010. With this much publicity, why wouldnt the EVO sell millions?

There was rumors out there a few weeks ago that the EVO would release on June 13th. Apple was to have their World Conference on June 23rd, 10 days later. Knowing that if the EVO came first, the iPhone would loose a lot of customers, so Apple then moved the World Conference to June 7th. Then, the first reports of Sprints massive loss of customers started to arrive, and Sprint reportedly is now trying for a June 6th release. If the EVO comes out first, and gets tons of publicity before Steve Jobs unviels iPhone 4, then apple is in for a disaster this year for iPhone.

It has also been reported that Apple has just renewed the contract with AT&T keeping the iPhone and iPad exclusive to AT&T for the next six months, meaning a Verizon iPhone is out of the question for this year. Verizon is the nations leader in 3g coverage and it has the most subscribers, all of which would have had a chance to grab the iPhone. Millions of devices could have been sold on the first day of the release, but without a highly acclaimed carrier supporting the iPhone, apple is screwed.

AT&T will also be a big problem for the iPhone 4 this year. With the networks terrible coverage, only true iPhone fanboys will want it. A new report also shows that AT&T has the lowest customer satisfaction rate among the top 4 carriers in the US, and it also has the highest rate of dropped calls. Apple made a very big mistake in renewing the contract, eh?

I am not sure of AT&Ts pricing plans, but I do know that Sprint has the biggest bang for your buck in the US. for 69.99/mo, you get unlimited text, unlimited web, unlimited mobile tv service, and unlimited calling to any and every cell phone in the US. it also includes 600 minutes for calling to landlines. It has been reported that 4g will not have any extra charge, at least for the first few months of the EVO (4g isnt available in New York, LA, and some other major cities YET). But, the MiFi service will cost you an extra 10-20$ a month (again, wait until wednesday to get the full pricing details). The EVO has also been reported to have a 200$ price tag for a new 2 year contract. The full retail price will be more than 600$ though.

Android OS will also prove to be a major factor in the EVOs success. Today, we got Q1 reports saying that there are more Android OS users than iPhone OS, which is the first time anything like this has happened. with more android users using the relatively open operating system, more people will fall in love with it.

So, what is your opinion? Will the EVO finally be the nail in the coffin for the iPhone Reign? Or will this be another G1, Droid, or Nexus One?

here is a good youtube video that summarizes the EVOs features:

and, you can also head on over to Sprints EVO website:×320

EDIT: 4g service will cost 10 more dollars, MiFi will be an extra 30$! It doesn’t look to be that big of a deal anymore does it!?

5 Responses to “HTC EVO 4G: Could This be the Long-Awaited iPhone Killer?”
  1. Jake Root says:

    Wow, very detailed. I agree with you on all parts. Hope I can switch to Sprint!

  2. I think if I can afford it AGRS will be a sprint powered site meaning we use sprint phone’s, i could easily afford to switch but I do want the iPhone 4G if it comes out on Verizon, that would be my personal phone.

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