Nexus One not for Sale Online Anymore?

Yes, that is the new news from Google. The Nexus One, touted to be the iPhone Killer from the beginning, was an absolute bust. Google’s original plan was to sell it strictly online for T-Mobile or as an unlocked phone. The only (major) problem about that is, you have to pay 600$ and then get it onto your GSM network, instead of paying 200$ and have it already activated. Furthermore, T-Mobile customers hoping to have the Nexus One as their upgrade, T-Mobile didn’t allow it because it wasn’t sold at their store or their website. So, Google only sold about 20,000 devices in the first week and then it was all downhill from there.
Today, however, Google has closed its Nexus One online store. Soon, T-Mobile stores will have the Nexus One in stock and people will buy it from there. Now T-Mobile costomers, you have the N1 as an option for your upgrade. I personally view this as a very good thing. Hopefully the re-release of the N1 will give the device a boost, after all Android 2.2 Froyo will soon come out and the N1 will be the first device to get the upgrade. Some very very minor changes will come, nothing too big, its only making android run 450% faster and giving full Adobe Flash Player support to your phone. Its almost like eliminating the need for a netbook. Speaking of 2.2 upgrade, the EVO will be the second device to get it, and oh how gorgeous it will be on that 4.3 inch screen!
What is your opinion? Leave your reply in the comments section.

One Response to “Nexus One not for Sale Online Anymore?”
  1. Joel Pederson says:

    It would have been a big deal had it been sold at all stores not just on online

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