Apple News Montage

Well we all know the iPhone 4G Gizmodo story, and for those just coming out of a coma, drunk Apple employee leaves iPhone prototype at bar, some dude finds new iPhone, Jason Chin working for Gizmodo purchases said Apple device for $5000 and writes about it. Apple has since recovered the device, but now it looks like a slightly newer version of that prototype has been floating around unnoticed by Apple. And in further iPhone news Verizon users may have to wait even longer for their iPhone’s. It was rumored that the iPhone 4G would be available on Verizon in late fall of this year, 2010, the reason this rumor was favorable and made it on this site (we are super skeptical) is due to the fact that it was believed that the AT&T’s exclusivity contract with Apple for the iPhone would end this year, however Engadget has found court documents that show this contract stretched all the way to 2012. Thats a long wait for those of us on Verizon. However we are able to be 99% sure that we will see a new iPhone released or at least demoed at Apples WWDC, our certainty comes from a series of event’s. First we saw that AT&T employees were blocked from taking vacations in June, and now we are seeing some AT&T users are having there upgrade dates moved to June, the same moth that the new iPhone should be released. Jumping back over to the Verizon news, CrunchGear is reporting that the company Landor Associates, who has worked with Verizon Wireless on other campaigns is making an ad campaign for the release of the Verizon iPhone.
for more information check out Brian Tong’s Apple Bite on CNET.
~Zephaniah Washington

AGRS Administrator


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