Evo Promo

On June 4, 2010 the HTC Evo will be released at all Sprint stores, Kiosks (Sprint), and most Bestbuy’s, RadioShack”s, and WalMarts. This device is the first 4G cellular phone in the United States, it boasts speeds equal to “most peoples basic DSL” says Sprint. You can pick yours up at midnight though I would recommend getting to your Bestbuy early, you can also pre-order the device from any Sprint store or kiosk. Now I know Nicolas normally covers all the Android stuff, but because we are a team I thought I would get in on the action. We will have an un-boxing video up on release day, and a full review with a hands on video up around the 6th or 7th (written review may be up sooner). This was the Big announcement that e-mail subscribers already knew about. Email subscribers will get exclusive content regarding the Evo but only if you sign up by 5/30/10. Stay tuned for all the news you need to know about the phone that could cast a shadow over the iPhone 4G, which isn’t even 4G it is still stuck on 3G.

~Zephaniah Washington

AGRS Administrator

2 Responses to “Evo Promo”
  1. Yes, every agrs reader should stay tuned here, especially in the next few weeks as the evo will sell out nationwide and make a big dent into apple and the iphone.

  2. For those of you living in the Tacoma, Puyallup WA area, the local Bestbuy’s do NOT carry sprint. The only Bestbuy that will have the Evo at midnight is the Silverdale Bestbuy.

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