EVO’s, Shadow’s, and MyTouch Slide’s, OH MY!!

June 2010 is looking like it is going to be THE month for smartphones. Let’s take a look at most of the rumored and anounced handsets that will be debuting next month:

1) HTC EVO 4G.
As the name suggest, it is a 4g device, the first in America actually. For $199.99 after rebate, you can pick this bad boy up at your local Sprint authorized retailer. Monthly plans start at $79.99/mo for unlimited web, mobile tv, texting, mms texting, 4g data, and calling to every mobile phone in the states. Read our pre reviews here and take it all in, THIS phone will be the iPhone killer we have been waiting for. It will be officially released on June 4th.

2) Motorola Shadow (Droid 2?)
This one is still just a rumor, but it is the predecessor to the successful Droid on Verizon. It packs a 4.3 inch screen (just like the EVO), an 8mp camera (again, EVO), and an HDMI (EVO). Not much is known about it yet, but unlike the Droid it will not have a slider keyboard. It is rumored to be released on Verizon later next month.

3) HTC MyTouch 3g Slide
T-Mobile users, we have good news! The wireless giant is currently preping its network and stores for the HTC MyTouch Slide. It is a slider version of the hit MyTouch 3g (and if you want to sing out, sing out…). It will make its debut sometime in June.

4) HTC Aria
This one disappoints me. The HTC Aria, which has been a ghost to everyone exept the FFC, is rumored to be released on AT&T (boo!!) on June 7th. Think of it like a touch screen, semi-smart LG Xenon.

5) Samsung Galaxy S
Let us not forget this one. The Galaxy S is an EVO minus front camera, kickstand, and HDMI port, BUT it has a Super AMOLED screen (really, really, really good. Its clearer than your LCD at home). Current reports speculate that T-Mobile will carry it starting towards the end of June. I don’t think it is EVO material, but it is the next best thing.

6) HTC Triumph (Desire)
This one goes out to our Canadian readers. Telus has anounced that the HTC Triumph will be released June 16th. The Triumph is in fact the Desire with a new name. It is a Nexus One but with a better AMOLED screen. This will be the iPhone killer for the Canadian market. Oh, and just an FYI if you live or are moving to Canada, stay away from Rodgers Mobile!!! Its Canadas AT&T!

7) Sony Ericcson XPERIA X10
Huge disappointment for me, I really like this phone. The bad news here is its going to AT&T (aww!). The X10 is really cool, especially the Timescape feature. All of your contacts’ updates on facebook, texts, calls, and emails to you are displayed in a cool blue cascade. But again, AT&T is going to release it:(

8) Dell Streak (formerly Mini 5)
The United Kingdom gets it first, it has been confirmed that O2 Wireless will release this smartphone/tablet mix next month. It has a 5 inch screen, front camera, back camera, and yes it is still a phone. Android 1.6 Cupcake is a let-down, but the 2.2 update will come once it is released. AT&T will unfortunately get it soon after.

9) Nokia N8
Really nice phone from Nokia. No word on release or anything like that, but it will be a few months before we see it in action. Vodafone UK will get it first and they are bragging about it heavily. It has a 12mp camera which is an incredible feat for camera phones in general.

And didn’t you notice these are all Android powered? Oh yes, it is going to be a great month for Android fans like me. Which are you going for? Sound off in the comments below.

….I maybe should hint that the iPhone HD comes out on June 7th (RUMOR!)

2 Responses to “EVO’s, Shadow’s, and MyTouch Slide’s, OH MY!!”
  1. iPhone 4G is coming out at WWDC my source at the Apple Store left major hints when he found out that I was a journalist, now he could be messing with me but I don’t think he is.

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