QUICK HIT: Android, The Mobile Monster?

That's a big tabletOver the past few months 3 releases of the Android OS has hit our smart phones, and soon tablets. The Archos 5 already runs Andorid but it’s “cupcake” (android 1.6) and is a little…ok a lot slow. Microsoft say’s “Android on a tablet is nothing but an experiment”, while Nvidia says “Android is the OS to unite behind”, Windows is to big, requires too much to run on a mobile device like a smartbook or a tablet, we agree. Now Nvidia’s CEO admits the current evolution of android even 2.2 is not ready for its spotlight reveal on the tablet market, Google knows this and is said to be working on creating a “beefed up” version of the only OS that has managed to steal some of Apple’s iPhone OS limelight. We will have to wait for the fall to be sure if Google will make an official announcement on an Android for tablet’s OS. Android is perhaps the most customizable OS on a mobile device, this makes it great for not just users but for corporations that design devices, a great example of this is HTC applying their Sense interface on top of Android. A company could use a beefed up version of Android as a core or foundation for that platform, but customize it, have look and serve their purpose. Android is ‘bring OS’s… and Devices together’.

Source: Engadget

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Administrator


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