Apple iPhone 4 – My Thoughts

June 7, 2010: Today the iPhone 4 was announced at WWDC, it was not a surprise. These are my first thoughts.

Facetime: Apple’s new app for the iPhone 4 which allows video calling “bringing video calling to the world” and “change the way the world communicates” (iPhone 4 Video This is something that the HTC Evo on sprint already has and I have already been using for sometime now, and it works over Wi-Fi, 4G, and 3G. With the iPhone 4 and the fact that it is still on AT&T, video calling is restricted to Wi-Fi only so it is hardly bringing video calling to the world or changing the way that the world communicates and once again Apple has to say that they are a “leap ahead”, but the fact is Apple you were late to the party this time.

iPhone 4 Specs: The display may be one of the biggest advancements on the iPhone 4, apple has managed to cram 320 pixels per sq. in. that is the highest resolution screen yet built into a phone they call it ”retina display”, they also laminate the front of the screen so there is reduced or no light refraction (optical lamination), also the device uses IPS technology like the iPad and iMac allowing for a great viewing angle as of yet this is the most advanced LCD you will put in your pocket but it is still small. Powering all this is the A4 chip same as the iPad.

Now to the camera, this is not a revolution by any means the iPhone 4 uses a 5 mega pixel camera with a single LED flash my droid that came out long before the iPhone 4 has that but with dual LED flash, and the Evo has an 8 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash and it shoots 720p video (iPhone 4 also shoots 720p). One thing that I do think is an innovation is a basic version of iMovie on the iPhone 4 that is a nice touch and that is a real advancement, but does anyone else see a trend, it seems like Apple is trying to eliminate the need for OS X sure they will keep it around but it won’t be updated much, they want portal devices that is why iPad runs “iOS” and not OS X, I remember when the first iPhone came out in 2007 it was said in the Jobs Keynote that “it runs OS X” now that Apple has seen how much people will snap up these portal devices and use the cloud they want to take advantage, sure this works for the light or average user but let the T-Mobile Sidekick and the Microsoft owned Danger (appropriately named) Server be a warning to us all that the cloud will always be fragile and when you upload to a cloud who ever owns the cloud owns ALL of your data and it is a perfect target for hackers.

Now design/Under the hood: why in the world is it boxier than a Scion? Well that is because Apple wanted to make the device as capable as possible and as thin as possible so the curve made it harder to fit it’s junk in its trunk, Product Designer Jonny Ive of Apple said “we started with opposing goals” those were the goals. Now why stainless steel, it is strong and functions as a primary antenna, the glass is 30% stronger than plastic and about as hard as sapphire crystal so that is a plus. But these are the only innovations that stand out, everything else has been done by other companies, and something Apple failed to do was bring us a memory upgrade something that happened in every previously released new iPhone, iPhone 4 still uses 16GB or 32GB flash memory. So my bottom line is if you love Apple, can tolerate AT&T, and like a simple proven and clean interface than this is a great device for you. If you want the phone that is the most advanced, and you like new and revolutionary things you should consider the summer line up of Android powered phones such as the HTC Evo or the Droid Incredible. iPhone 4 should be released to the public on June 24 for the price of $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB.

Sources: Engadget, Apple Inc., SAC (Silicone Ally Insider).

oh and then this happend:

EDIT: The reason Jobs could not get that iPhone internet demo to work was because there were about 517 wireless base stations in one room, so to much interferince, later on in the keynote Jobs did get it to work, he asked everyone to turn off the base stations and put there laptops away pulling out the classic school teacher phrase “I’ve got time” it is really quite funny. You can watch the full keynote over at

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

4 Responses to “Apple iPhone 4 – My Thoughts”
  1. 7tattoo says:

    Nice. I also did a review. I’d love it if you checked it out. Your theory on the reason behind it’s boxiness is a good one.

  2. To me it looks like Apple tried to take one of those plastic calculators and make an EVO knockoff with it…………

  3. I got a free iPhone the other day. It was through a referral system from I signed up, completed 1 free trial, then got others to do the same, then got it in the post! Highly recommended. Thanks for the article!

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