Apple’s New Joke (as in HA HA!)

Well we all have seen the iPhone 4 prototype. All I can do is laugh and feel sorry for those who consider buying the thing! I was reading some articles online today and I laughed at what they were claiming. “Every smartphone lover was wowed today with the iPhone 4 announcement” I seriously laughed at the stupidity. “Sure the iPhone 4 has the wow factor” (saying to my self, “if you are an apple fanboy then ok maybe”). Let me tell you this, if you even desire the boxy piece of metal, you need to wake up and try an android phone. A G-1 is better, not even kidding right now. HTC EVO 4G is something to be excited about. Droid Incredible is something to inquire about. KIN 1 and 2 are phones to consider. The iPhone 4 is like sequels….usually they are low budget and quickly made to give people a cheap thrill. Usually never as good as the original. And ask yourself this, “self, do I think this new iPhone 4 is remotely cool?” If you answer yes, you are an apple fanboy and probably worship Steve Jobs without even thinking about it. Sorry if you did actually say yes and I am now dissing you, I just figured everyone knew the EVO and other Android phones are better as a whole (on paper, not just opinion)! Ok the iPhone 4 has one thing that is interesting, it can break right? I am kidding! No seriously the built in video editing is alright, but it’s definitely going to be minimal like Photoshop Mobile. So really there is nothing to be amazed by! A4 processor, whoopdy do, Snapdragon is better. 1.3 and 1.5 GHz Snapdragons are on their way soon to some rumored Windows Mobile 7 phones. Front camera? Already in use on the EVO. Finally flash on an iPhone? Ok, well you finally have a functional camera, good job….? 5 mega pixel camera? Well, ok I could have had that last year…. (just a heads up, Nokia N8 which will release later this year will have a 12 mega pixel camera).

What are your reactions to this joke from apple? Leave your response in the comments section!

(article somewhat based on the opinion of agrs android correspondent Nicolas Wiggins, and somewhat on sheer fact. Spec wise, the iPhone 4 is the second best device on current markets, third if you include the unreleased Nokia N8, and fourth if you include the rumored HTC Scorpio with a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon Processor. Zephaniah Washington has expressed written permission to post this article, but do understand his opinion may be different than mine. Thank you for reading!)


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