2GHz Android By Years End! – Here Comes The Fury and We Want It

We think the HTC Evo 4G is fast, but for us there is no such thing as too fast. When we heard that Motorola wanted a 2GHz not MHz Android device by the end of THIS year our mouths turned into Old Faithful. Sanjay Jha is the chief of handsets at Motorola. This morning he expressed his company’s intention to bring the worlds first 2GHz smartphone and to do it fast. You guys want it by the end of the year? Ummmm YES. Another Motorola exec is cited saying a NVIDIA Tegra card will be providing the graphics. This device will have FULL Flash 10.1 support, a gyroscope, and HD video recording and output. This spec sheet almost gave us a heart attack, it is that awesome. Now we can’t invest all of our faith in the unnamed exec’s specs, but 2GHZ, now that’s from the top. Let the countdown to iPhone 4’s doomsday begin…NOW. Hope this makes up for not posting for a while.

Source: Engadget

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

One Response to “2GHz Android By Years End! – Here Comes The Fury and We Want It”
  1. This sort of thing should have been out a long time ago, apple has enjoyed it’s time on the top for much too long…

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