Droid X (Xtreme) and Droid 2

Well I’m happy, as we showed you the other day the Droid 2 will be coming to Verizon, but now we hearing from Droid Life that the Droid X (Xtreme) will also be released. The Droid 2 is slated for August, and is said to be running Froyo (2.2), which is strange because the model we showed was running 2.1, we will see how that plays out. Now according to Droid Life the Droid X or Xtreme will be coming to Verizon sometime in July, that is great news for Android lovers, two new Droids back to back. Now we do not have the specs for the Droid X, but we do know that it will be running a custom interface known as ShadowBlur a much better version of the MotoBlur interface we have seen running on other devices (better name too). We will follow-up on this story as information becomes available.

Source: Droid Life

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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