Droid Updates – “Now Does, Does More”


As we promised we are bringing you continuing coverage on the Droid 2. We now have a chance to show you what you could see on your TV shortly and give you some specs on the new device. Droid Life is reporting that they have leaked slides and script for a Verizon Wireless Droid 2 commercial. This ad contains some specs that the rumor mills failed to get right. Now of course the ad will be sci-fi themed as you can see in the pic. The Droid 2 will have Exchange support, an EyeCon app to control your media on your home network, and powering all this is a 1GHz processor, which is a change and a plus from the rumored 750MHz (thats a big boost). The ad also mentions a “720 dpi” screen but that is probably ad speak.

Also from Droid Life we have script and updates about the Droid X (confirmed name). The Droid X will have a 4.3 inch display, it will also feature the Moto Shadow interface (previously known as Ninjablur or Moto blur). The Droid X will have an NFL App known as “Eagle Eye”, this app should allow you to watch NFL on the go in “unbelievable” quality. The Droid X will have the EyeCon app standard (we are not 100% sure the Droid 2 will have this), but as Droid Life said, “a mobile media center as your smart phone? Sign me up”. Now these could be commercials that were axed, but those of us who make it a point to study all things Android feel that these commercials will be on the air soon. Oh and these devices are slated for a July release (Droid Life)

Sources: Droid Life and Engadget.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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