More Droid X – Droid Does More and More

Well the Droid X, apparently you guys can’t get enough of it. The guys over at Engadget have us all covered, they have an exclusive preview of the device (lucky). Here are the high lights from the original Engadget post.

First off, this device makes the Incredible and Droid 2 look like sad jokes. This is Verizon and Motorola’s answer to the HTC Evo 4G, and if it were a 4G device than it would just be plain back talk. Now what we all care about in a phone these days are the specs so here we go:

Hardware: Until you get up close to the “X” it looks like an Evo, but the closer you get the more it changes. It is a longer device and wider than the Evo, and instead of the ever popular touch buttons on android devices, the “X” has 4 physical buttons. “In hand the phone feels really solid…and light” says Engadget. Though there is a hump in the back that makes it a little bit bulky.

Screen: The Droid X has a 4.4 inch, FWVGA 854×480 resolution screen, though this can not be confirmed as of when this post was written. According to Engadget the screen is very crisp and the capacitive touch screen is very responsive. There is a mirrored trim around the face of the phone, this does make it more glossy than we would like.

Motorola Blur / Android OS: Engadget confirmed that the Droid X was still running Android 2.1, with a new version of the Motoblur interface perhaps the rumored Ninjablur skin. In the new skin are features like social network streaming and a navigation bar along the bottom to jump between home panes. This device also comes with a Blockbuster apps and DLNA type app, this means that a HDMI dock should be available and the media is the main focus (take this over an Archos Home Tablet).

Camera: The Droid X has an 8-megapixel camera, it also records 720p video. The camera is a little bit to manual, you have to tap to focus and it won’t refocus until you snap the picture. This leads to you shaking the screen and the image coming out blurred. The video was also laggy at times, but the playback is smooth, and in Engadget’s opinion “crisper than the EVO 4G”.

Keyboard: Just like the CLIQ XT, Motorola has preloaded Swype, an app that allows you to quickly type by simply running your finger over the correct letters in the correct order, I have the beta on my Evo and it is about 1.5x faster than traditional phone typing. There is also a multitouch keyboard option, allowing you to hold down two letters at once and the phone will recognize them, this allows you to rest your fingers on the keys like you would on a real keyboard and still type.

Performance: The phone is very fast down right “snappy”. The entire phone and transitions were super fast, keyboards popped up with next to no lag, the finger tracking when using Swype is also more accurate than on most Android devices. The “X” runs off of a 1GHz ARMc7 processor. The phone should come with 8 GB of storage space. We will have more information for as the release date draws near.

Source: Engadget (exclusive post)

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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