What Are You Doing Crapple???!

According to the monkies running AT&T and Apple, the iPhone 4 will ship out on July 2nd to the people that have or are wanting to order online. It seems like there are more stupid Americans than I thought, since there are reportedly 600,000 pre orders so far. If people would use their heads and actually research, and of course see through bias and whatever Steve Jobs says, we would not be talking about this right now. But the sad truth is there are a lot of people that still do not have access to a computer to research the iPhone 4 contendors. Maybe they do have a computer, but they do not use it or do not view this site. I applaud those who have a fully functioning brain that can decypher information and make good judgement and chose a better phone that is actually cheaper, that has a huge screen, that has HDMI out, a kickstand, runs Android, runs Sense UI, connects to 4G, has a removable battery, and expandable memory. But NO people just have to believe everything a CEO tells them, a CEO by the name of Steve Jobs that wants to take YOUR money. It has come to my attention why Jobs is doing what he is doing, he is trapping you all into a vicious cycle. You see, every new iPhone has minimal improvement over the last, and they conveniently leave out certain hardware and features from current sub par phones. He knows that once people own an iPhone and like it, they will come back again and again to just get the small upgrade. It still doesnt have a removable battery, a high quality camera, a dual LED flash, 4 dedicated keys on the front, or expandable memory. It does come with a possible cancer-causing steel band. Yes contact with the metal surfaces that you handle to radio antennas, it makes it so the radiation goes directly through your body. But, the people that can’t think for themselves will never get the message because Jobs controls what they hear. Those of you that have the ability to think for themselves can process all of this information from the internet and make an educated opinion and then a smart buy are true supermen and women. All we can do is sit back and watch it all go down.


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