Samsung Dazzles With New Additions to the “Galaxy” Series

Although the original Galaxy S was anounced on the same day of the EVO,  nobody has really heard anything about it because the EVO has overshadowed every moment of the Galaxy S’s existence.  But we here at AGRS Tech did not forget about the Galaxy S or Samsung in general, so this post is dedicated to them.

Lets start with the Galaxy S. It has a 4.0 inch capacitive super AMOLED display, which is 20% brighter, 80% less reflective, and it is 20% less power consuming than regular AMOLED displays (basically Samsung made the best thing available even better). It runs Android 2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI layered on top of it. The 5mp camera is okay, but it isn’t an 8mp. The Galaxy S also comes with a front camera like the EVO, and it is the same resolution of 1.3mp. Also like the EVO, it has a 1GHz processor, but it is the Samsung Hummingbird and not the Qualcomm Snapdragon. The Galaxy S does not connect to 4g in any way, nor does it have a kickstand, mobile hotspot, or HDMI out, but it is a pretty good phone all together (think of it as an iPhone 4 that you could actually like). Ouch Apple, do you want some Aloe Verra gel with that burn?

The Galaxy S has passed through the FFC spotted with a T-Mobile logo, which is great news for people like me who hate to see AT&T getting good phones, which they never have and never will…(ouch, iPhone).

But unfortunately, AT&T is getting a variant of the Galaxy S. It is called the Samsung Captivate, and it is the Galaxy S minus the front camera (why do they have to let Apple be the only one with it on their network?) with a slightly different look. The decision to put it on AT&T is just as bad as the decision to anounce it the same day as the EVO. You see, not only is AT&T the worst cell phone company in America (FACT, not opinion) based on the rate of dropped calls and customer service, and not to mention coverage, but AT&T should stay iOS lovers and go down with that ship, but instead they have to get something to back them up once the iPhone fails. But the biggest reason why it is a bad decision to put it on AT&T is the fact that the iPhone 4 is releasing at around the same time as the Captivate, so nobody would hear about it. And in that sense, AT&T shoots themselves in the leg because their little Android powerplay will fail and then the iPhone will fail soon afterwards, so AT&T will be out of the picture, in my opinion, by 2015.

Enough of my rants, lets move onto our next device. The Galaxy S is rumored to have a variant that includes a full QWERTY keyboard, and wouldn’t you know it they are going to call it the Galaxy Q. Same phone, hopefully the same carrier, but the addition of a keyboard is really good for those who like that sort of thing. My hope is that it will stay on T-Mobile and not go to AT&T because of all of the reasons with the Captivate.

Nope, Samsung does not stop yet. This one right here is going to be the best they have to offer in the Galaxy Series. Here it comes….drum roll please……..

The Galaxy S Pro! And we actaully have an image of it in the wild. This one breaks the trend of being a GSM phone, and in a smart move by Samsung this phone is going to be a CDMA/WiMAX device (second 4G phone in America, yes!). It is the Captivate with the Galaxy S camera and the Galaxy Q keyboard. Actually to me it looks like a Rogue pumped with a huge dose of steroids. As we can see, it has a Sprint logo on the front, and on the back se see it again with the little word 4G next to it. This phone, dare I say it, could be the actual iPhone killer that we ALL have been hoping for (don’t kid yourself, we have always wanted something better than iPhone). Being on the same playing field as the EVO is an ok decision, and they will make a great team pulling Sprint into the lead. If Sprint keeps this up, they will be very far ahead in the 4G race, at least until Verizon gets LTe up and running. Verizon said they will have at least five 4G phones by next summer so Sprint, enjoy your time at the top because it will soon be over (sorry Sprint, I didn’t mean to burn you).

Looks like iPhone is in for a very, very bumpy ride this year. iPhone 5 will be an even bigger joke than iPhone 4, and hopefully we won’t hear Jobs squealing like a pig when even his own family will be Android users. Hell, he had it coming this whole time!

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