Droid Eris Retired

Today it was announced that the Droid Eris from HTC would go on a “permanent vacation” according to Engadget and Verizon, the device is no longer on the VZW website and their will be no more made and shipped to stores, so when their gone their gone. Will we really miss the device though? There are plenty of new Android devices on the market and more on the way, the Droid 2 and the Droid X should be available on Verizon any week now, both with way better specs than the Eris, though the Eris had a certain class to it. It’s lower price and smaller size than the Droid made it great for the casual user, and the device just had a nice design. We will miss you Eris. It would have been nice to see the device drop down real low in price, but apparently VZW want’s to keep Android as high ender. The next phone to go will most likely be the classic and famous Droid, hopefully it will be put on “roll back” first.

Sources: Engadget and Verizon Wireless (interview)

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Edior-in-chief

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