An Android Lovers’ Take on the new iPhone

First off, I want to apologize for my long rants and hate about Apple. I decided to meet with Zephaniah at the Apple Store to try out a new iPhone, and now I am writing a review on the device.

At first thought, the design does not look very good but with glass on the front and back, it felt aright in my hand. Then I turned it on. It looked like I was staring at a freshly printed piece of paper, not a screen. Thats how clear it really is. Multitasking was not incredible, but it was alright. I would still have to go with android multitasking. Front camera was very disappointing, you can’t access it to take pictures in the camera app and it seems like the only use for it is calling another iPhone 4 using face time.

The device was just like every other iDevice, so I instantly knew how to use it. That is good in the sense that you don’t have to learn a new device, but it’s bad because there is nothing new to learn and no “wow” factor. It is a great device but it surely isn’t the best, not even close, but still a great device.

If you are looking for a phone that is packed with features and will wow you every time you turn it on, the iPhone 4 is definitely not for you. Instead you should go for a Nexus, HD2, N8, or an EVO. But if simplicity is key, then go for an iPhone 4.

Edit: You can use the front camera in the camera app their is a button to switch the camera’s on the upper left (portrait) of the app.

2 Responses to “An Android Lovers’ Take on the new iPhone”
  1. I like the way you said that the Iphone 4 is simple. It is a great device and a great leap from the 3gs, I too is not a fan of the Iphone but I think it is REALLY doing great in the smartphone competition and just like you again, I will go for an EVO.

  2. Evo is a great device, and Sprint really stepped up in terms of quality.

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