Apple iPhone Release – Tacoma Mall – Previously Live Blog

Just arrived at the Apple Store at the Tacoma Mall about 15 minutes ago. Right now there are about 300 people. Some lucky people are getting in early. 1 person for every 20 pre-orders is allowed in early.

8:34:45 AM PST
I have yet to see campers but with the store in a mall you would have stay out side.

moving up in line photos up later.
9:01:09 AM PST
A lot of confusion as to what line you should be in, but even standing in line is fun, social event all it’s own.
9:28:14 AM PST
The pre-order line just merged with the rest up close to the “light at the end of the tunnel” as one customer said. The rest of us have been forced to get into the first come first serve line, with a bunch of people who have been here since yesterday.

9:36:18 AM PST
Now the Apple guy’s are giving out FREE Jamba Juice, thanks guys and Jamba Juice.

11:39:55 AM PST
We have been here for a while now, making friends with a bunch of other Apple fans. To reward us all for being “truly great and loyal Apple customers” (Apple employee) they gave us all FREE water, Jamba Juice and now FREE warm cookies.

3:46:03 PM PST
We have stood in line for over 6 hours, we now can see the glow of the shiny Apple logo, we are so close that we can taste it.

5:00:09 PM PST
Finally got into the Apple store, unfortunately no photos are allowed, the new iPhone is great, though not as revolutionary as they say. The screen looks amazing they did not hype that, Facetime was nice, easy to use, the network was junk though so I can’t give you a full review of that. Multi-tasking and Folders work as advertised, nothing special, screen lock is a nice touch.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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  1. sorry for the date stamp I am using someone other dudes camera

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