Our Plan for Summer Tech

We here at AGRS Tech and News want to make sure you, the reader, get a full dose of technology. So, we are going to be trying out several devices this summer. I currently have an EVO and it will be my primary device until the contract expires. Zephaniah has a Droid and he had to return his EVO. But come July 15th, we will both go to a midnight release of the Droid X (if possible) and I will get my hands on the device for a few weeks. After that time period is up, I will try to get a Droid 2 for the same amount of time, writing full reviews, pros and cons, ect. And maybe in late summer if tmobile releases the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) I will test drive it as well.

Zephaniah is on a priority list to get an iPhone 4 to test drive for a few weeks or a full contract, so we will have new Apple posts as well as Android ones.

The AGRS Tech and News team thank’s you for reading, and stay tuned this summer for the latest and greatest tech stories.

~Nicolas Wiggins
Android Correspondent/Administrator


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