Another Verizon iPhone Rumor

Verizon iPhone rumors never stop, from the first iPhone to the signal plagued iPhone 4. Today the Bloomberg Business Report, is reporting that we could see a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 (hopefully without the signal problems) on Verizon by January. This lines up with other rumors from the Wall Street Journal. Like every rumor this one comes from “two people familiar with the plans”. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would begin production of the VZW iPhone in September, this would leave them plenty of time to ramp stock for a January VZW release. Now this would be strange since they would miss the huge holiday shopping season and all those AT&T iPhone 4 owners would miss the chance to be on VZW, this is sure to ruffle a few feathers but it’s not the first time Apple has released a product and then quickly released a better or changed version of that product, such as the original iPhone sudden price drop. Apple will not comment (of course) on this. Fingers crossed that we will see one soon.

Source(s): Engadget, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Apple Inc.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

4 Responses to “Another Verizon iPhone Rumor”
  1. Danny Kartman says:

    There will not be an iPhone for Verizon until 2012

    • It is possible that Apple will renegotiate the contract with AT&T and if they build a new iPhone that could be used as a loop hole. I take all iPhone rumors with a grain of salt, but being backed up by two major names I give it a little more respect. Either way we will eventually see a Verizon iPhone.

      ~Zephaniah Washington
      AGRS Editor-in-chief

  2. It’s funny how the absolute worst cell phone company in America gets the iPhone, and every major carrier in Canada has it

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