iPad be Warned, the Android Tablet Invasion is Here!

Apple has always had a thing for sparking revolutions. In 2007, when the first iPhone came out, cell phone manufacturers started making touchscreen smartphones that tried to take the title of “iPhone Killer” (didn’t happen until, in my opinion, the droid came out). The same thing has happened with the iPad, but faster. Now, Android OS is out to destroy the iPad and manufacturers like MSi, Cisco, and Notion Ink are backing Google up. Lets take a look at the best of these contenders. Here is my list for the top 5.

5) MSI WindPad 110:

It is the MSI WindPad 100 running Android 2.1, and it has the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, on a 10 inch screen. Not very much is known about it, but it does have a single USB port and HDMI out. Starting price is rumored to be about, oh, $399.

4) Unamed Tablet by Acer:

As you can see, it has a full keyboard, which is quite rare in todays tablet world. To me it is a Kindle but with Android, and everything that goes with it. looks like a 7 inch screen which is smaller than an iPad, but it is the content that counts. In reality, next to nothing is known about the tablet, but Acer says it should be available by the Holiday Season (we are already talking about the holidays?!)

3) Dell Streak

For most cases, size DOES matter, but the Streak is special. It is a cellphone…..but not a cellphone. Dell says it is a tablet, and the smart people at Dell computers made it a tablet-cellphone hybrid. It has a relatively small screen as compaired to the other tablets, measuring 5 inches, and it has HDMI out and a front facing camera. If you live in the UK and have O2 Mobile, its available now, but for the US it is a great disappointment…….with sadness I anounce to you that it will go to AT&T………such a waste for a great device!

2) Cisco Cius

Just anounced today by Cisco, this tablet will revolutionize business. It has a 1.66GHz processor, 5mp camera on the back, and a webcam on the front. It also docks to a special desk phone, and there we have the USB ports and HDMI. It won’t be available until early next year, which is very late in the tablet race.
1) Notion Ink ADAM

The absolute pinnacle of technology is this tablet right here. It incorporates an LCD display and a Pixel QI display, giving you Super AMOLED and Retina display quality. It can be viewed in direct sunlight, because the tablet senses direct sunlight and turns off the backlight. It has a 3.5 mp camera on the front, oh wait on the back, on the side? No it is mounted on a 180% swivel so you aren’t stuck with it on one side. It has a trackpad on the back so your thumbs don’t get tired playing around on its 10.1 inch HD display. It has not one, not two, but three USB ports. HDMI 1080p output. It is coming in November, and it is the future of tablet innovation.

2 Responses to “iPad be Warned, the Android Tablet Invasion is Here!”
  1. boone292929 says:

    Supposedly the Notion Ink is coming before November; although little has been said on when exactly it is coming out.

  2. There are some problems with the Tegra 2 processor so Notion Ink announced it won’t come out until Q4 2010 and NVIDIA said November so its going to be somewhere around then.

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