QUICK HIT: Android Steaming Towards the Top

That’s right Apple, Android is right at your heels. Sure you may have sold 1.7 million iPhones on opening weekend, but that little “iPhone High” is going to quickly fade away. Android on the other hand is steadily rising, and current reports say that an estimated 160,000 Android devices are being activated every day in the US….and that number is increasing ever so slightly as new devices are released on almost a biweekly basis. There are also over 100 different Android devices in the world, from Dell to Huawei and Acer to HTC. It is safe to say that the “iPhone High” is giving people the munchies, and they are snacking on Android.

The Android market is also growing very rapidly. It was at 30,000 apps back in January, and now it is at 60,000 or above. If both the Apple Apps store and the Android Market grow steadily at their current rates, they would have the same amount of apps by 2011, and Android would take the top in apps. May I also add that in the US there are more Android users than iPhone users, so this revolution in cell phones is expanding immensely. Add in the amount of Android tablets that are planned and you will see that Android is really on the rise.


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