Tablet News – The Toshiba Libretto W100 – Preview

The Toshiba Libretto W100 is a dual screen tablet computer. This computer should hit retail markets including Amazon in August. This dual screen power won’t come cheap this is perhaps the most expensive consumer tablet we have seen costing $1,100, now how well will this sell in a market dominated by more fairly priced iPad’s and Android based tablets. I think it should sell quite well. This tablet-PC is just that a PC, it runs a custom version of Windows 7.

Hardware: This tablet is running a Intel Pentium CPU, now this does give off some heat on the top of the device, but nothing like the recent Sony VAIO’s. Hopefully that will be corrected before market release. The device has an accelerometer for e-reader mode but it does seem to be a little laggy. Now Toshiba has put extra controls throughout the whole Windows 7 OS, this allows the two screens to work more as a team. These controls are integrated into the window that you are in, the button on the left of the minimize button allows you to extend the window over both screens. The other moves the window between the screens. The software is fairly snappy, and helpful. You will almost always use the bottom screen as a keyboard. There are six different keyboard combinations, including a split view which allows you to use your thumbs to type holding in like a Nintendo DS. There is also a touch pad button which brings up a small touch pad area that functions just like your computers touchpad, it is very useful when digging through narrow menus or just browsing. It is great for web browsing and maybe for someone who needs apps that a lite OS can’t bring such as Out Look or Word, but it’s not good for much else at this time, their are very few things that take advantage of the two screens, like a good e-reader app. For the hands on video click the source link.

Source: Engadget
Images: Engadget and Toshiba

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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  1. You really like apple don’t you. I guess you would be jealous if I told you I have an iPhone 4.

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