Verizon iPhone is Official (Almost)!

Current reports from Bloomberg say that it is confirmed that a Verizon iPhone 4 is going to be here in January, and immediately after some sites claimed it would be November-December. The CDMA iPhone 4 is supposed to have a Retina Display just like the GSm version, but instead of the *small* 3.5 inch screen the Verizon variant will have a 3.7 inch. I see this as a major win for Verizon and a huge blow to AT&T as they are reliant upon the iPhone. AT&T is going to be the next company out of the picture, mark my words. But as an Android lover this is terrible news. The major Android provider is going to have both competitors on the same playing field, and the fanboys will sink Verizon’s mighty Android ship. Oh well, theres still Sprint and T-Mobile at least.

Stay tuned as Zephaniah will probably have a huge post explaining this in greater depth. Also a big thanks to our newest editor, Joel Pederson, for finding this story, and I am sorry to the Android lovers like me for posting an Apple story!

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