QUICK HIT: Just Uncovered my new Favorite YouTube Channel

OOOOOOO I love these videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/PBone34

don’t view if you are offended by swearing, and please note its not for the apple lover…

or just view the videos by url

~Nicolas Wiggins
Android Correspondent

3 Responses to “QUICK HIT: Just Uncovered my new Favorite YouTube Channel”
  1. Jake Root says:

    That guy would’ve been impressed seeing grass grow. I’ll show you fast…(takes out iOS 4)(Ponders Android users insanity)…

  2. iOS4 is ok, but I have to admit I loved my EVO and Android is far more customizable and a much more innovative and useful (in terms of development possibilities) than Apples iOS. Believe me I know, once again I am back on AT&T for my iPhone 4 (I still hate them). Here is why I believe that the larger 3.7 inch iPhone 4.5 (HD) or iPhone 5 will be on VZW: https://avgrs.wordpress.com/2010/07/06/verizon-iphone-the-fact-behind-the-myth-agrs-exclusive/


  3. Joel Pederson says:

    Android is made to be customizable to fit the user. For Apple to do anything you must first launch an app. That is the biggest difference between android and iOS4. Android has a live background, Apple requires you to launch apps to do any thing.

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