The Verizon iPhone Story gets Better and Better

I was checking again and the analysts are predicting big numbers for Verizon.

The biggest number is being predicted by UBS AG analyst John Hodulik, and in a nut shell he says “Verizon Wireless will likely sell about 12 million iPhones in the first year”. Holy Apple that’s a lot of phones! He also says, “three to four million of those may be to customers the company draws from other wireless carriers”, especially the AT&T ones. Barclays Capital analyst James Ratcliffe says that 500,000 to 1,000,000 AT&T iPhone users will break their contracts and go to Verizon. Pacific Crest Securities analyst Steve Clement also speculates an exudos of 800,000 iPhone users moving from AT&T to Verizon.

Research from IDC predicts that all of these new iPhone users will add over a billion dollars to Apple’s App Store profits, which is also predicted to be $6 billion in 2011 as it is. Apple made a very, very smart decision by giving Verizon the iPhone, but did Verizon make an equally great one?

In my opinion, no. The Android platform was based heavily on Verizon, and with the iPhone being on the same shelves and on the same network, that Android base will be all but demolished. Oh well, good luck Android and Apple, and thank God for taking the Exclusiveness of the iPhone away from AT&T. Now all we can do is watch as AT&T goes haywire…..

Original story here.

~Nicolas Wiggins
Android Correspondent


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