Verizon iPhone – The Fact Behind The Myth – AGRS Exclusive

This is a story as old as time, well at least as old as the App store. Ever since the iPhone (1G) came out in 2007 people have been asking “when will this thing be on Verizon”. With people rapidly switching to AT&T, the network quickly came under stress. With AT&T now having 6 million active iPhone users ( people have noticed that it is unreliable. This is due to AT&T not being prepared for the iPhone storm, and not willing to devote the tome or money to a full upgrade for their network. This constant wondering “will I be able to make a call, send a text, or check facebook” has driven more people want the iPhone on Verizon. Because of this their has been plenty of rumor mills popping up with stories that the iPhone will be coming to VZW in 2008, 2009, 2010, and now 2011.

As this site has covered, Bloomberg reported early this week that the iPhone will be on Verizon in January of 2011 (Bloomberg’s “reliable sources in the know”), this lines up with many other sources and rumors. One such rumor is that Apple will being manufacturing a new iPhone lets call it the 4.5 for now in November of 2010, this iPhone will be larger with a 3.7 inch Retina Display, that is all we know for now. This seems logical because of the time needed to produce enough phones. As we saw on iPhone 4 launch day, Apple once again did not have enough devices for the public, the Bestbuy near me only had 2, AT&T had none, and I stood in line for 11 hours only to be put on priority list. Apple should anticipate more that 70% of AT&T iPhone users to break their contracts and switch to Verizon, and many VZW users to get the iPhone. Needless to say they will sell way more than the iPhone 4 sales on release day (1.7 million).

Now why am I so sure this will happen. Let’s look at recent carrier news. AT&T has increased its cancellation fee to $325.00, and now Apple is putting the iPhone 4 antenna problems on AT&T’s back. It seem that Apple is trying to distance its self from AT&T. Also a few months back Verizon CEO Lowell C. McAdam, expressed the desire for VZW to carry the iPhone, this after VZW was originally offered the first iPhone and said no (bad business decision). In even more recent new Verizon has joined the GSMA board, and is increasing its support for the 4G service LTE. This all makes it seem that Verizon is trying to increase its network strength, not so that its all ready happy 3G users have a larger network, but perhaps because they fear that the current network in insufficient for a device jump. With AT&T not being able to strengthen its network and complaints to Apple increasing over the networks problems, it is better than ever to jump ship and break the exclusivity contract AT&T has held on to with all its life. So if you are near an upgrade, you may wish to hold on until 2011. Now this is not a 100% yes to the Verizon iPhone (possibly with real 4G) it just compilation of facts into a strong and hopefully true rumor. So its only speculation, if were wrong I don’t want hate mail. Also thanks to all our readers as we have hit our largest numbers since AGRS was recreated.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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