Where oh Where has BlackBerry Gone?

In the past 2 months lots of Cell Phone tech has been announced. The HTC Evo, iPhone 4, My Touch Slide, possibility of iPhone to Verizon. But amongst all of this news Black Berry the once go to phone for business people is not mentioned. From 2002 to 2007 if you wanted the best phone out on the market it was the Black Berry. But once the first iPhone came out in 2007 the Black Berry quickly faded into the dark. In 2008 the Black Berry brand tried to rise itself once again to the top with the Black Berry storm. In the first month Verizon (the select Carrier of the Black Berry Storm) had only sold 500,000 of the devices. But, on the same week the Black Berry Storm was released so was the 2nd generation iPhone.

So, where is Black Berry now? Well, they still are making the same devices that they have been making since the beginning. The way Black Berry works is simply take a old device they had, make it look new (add some more curves, new trackball type, and once and a while some new software, then last, change the number of the Black Berry Ex. 8530 to 9300). Then BAM!! a new Black Berry!!! But obviously this isn’t working. I mean after all count the amount of people you know with a Black Berry. Then, count the amount of people you know with an iPhone. Most likely there is a big difference in the numbers favoring the iPhone. Now what can Black Berry do to revive their once dominating brand?? Well I have a few ideas.

1.New phone design: Yes it is time to loose the VERY small letter keys, loose the tracball, and go touch screen!!! (They were headed the right way with the Storm)

2. Apps: Yes Black Berry’s do come with apps but, there are few of them and their capabilities are limited. A new wide marketplace of apps could open the doors for 3rd party developers to come in.

3. Hype: Get people excited. The people that stand for days outside the apple store to get the newest tool they have is because they have been super excited to get their hands on this product. 30 people lined up out side of an Verizon store in New York to get the Storm the day it came out is good however, it is nothing compared to the 200+ crowds the iPhone 4 drew the day it came out.

If Black Berry could do these things the brand would be restored to a point where it would have a fighting chance against Android and maybe one day even Apple.

-Joel Pederson


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