Quick Hit: iPhone 4’s signal problem gets help

Ok, we all have seen the iPhone 4 signal problems. Apple quickly has created a solution (or so they say). For the iPhone 4 when the user touches the sides of the phone that act as an antenna the bars slowly get less and less until you have no service. Apple has said this is strictly a software problem. However, for a $29.99 you can buy the official iPhone 4 “Bumper” (www.apple.com) According to Apple you will be able to touch the side of your phone and the signal will not decrease. But, on the Apple web site they product description says this ” Dress up your iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4 Bumper. Choose one of six colors — white, black, blue, green, orange, or pink — and slip it around the edge of your iPhone 4. With metal buttons for volume and power, two-tone colors, and a combination of rubber and molded plastic, Bumpers add a touch of style to any iPhone 4.” Interesting, well we can only wait to see if this really works the way Apple says it will.

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor

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