BlackBerry Reborn

This summer BlackBerry will be introducing it’s most exciting products since the “Storm”. So, BlackBerry OS6 what is going to be so cool about it?? Well lots and lots of things! First of all RIM (Research in Motion) says that their company has designed an extremely fluid interface (, they have finally integrated multi-touch throughout the entire OS. ( Larger thumbnails, and built in RSS. The home screen will operate very similar to Android and Apple’s Home Screens. Applications will be available on the main home screen and then by swiping you finger left or right you can access another full page of applications. In addition, an updated media player, photos app, WebKit browser, and live search bar. To accompany the new OS a new touch screen phone developed by BlackBerry phone is set to come out called the “Storm 2”. Boasting a 3.2 Mega pixel camera and 3.25′ screen. In my opinion the phone isn’t that cool. The OS sounds interesting but is too similar to Android OS. I don’t think BlackBerry is bringing anything new or unique to the table. They are finished.

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor


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