T-Mobile + Sprint = Merger

Sprint has been considering switching to LTE, their current 4G partner Clear Wi-Max has also been considering the switch. So it’s no big surprise to hear CEO Dan Hesse tell the Financial Times today that he’s still open to the idea down the road, possibly side-by-side with the company’s existing WiMAX deployment thanks to its deep spectrum holdings. What is infinitely more surprising is hearing that CEO Hesse says there is “logic” in exploring a merger with T-Mobile USA, which is also considering LTE for a next generation network (though they have yet to announce any plans). It’s an open secret than Deutsche Telekom has explored the idea of selling off its US outpost in the past. Combined, it seems that Sprint and T-Mobile — neither of whom have the ability to take on the giants AT&T and Verizon on every level. This make an off third placed company, giving the US on three major cellular carriers. The Financial Times says that the idea of a Sprint deal was rejected back in 2008 on grounds that the two have incompatible networks, if these restrictions were remedied their could be a merger in our future.

Source(s): Financial Times, Engadget, Talk Android, GSMA Mobile Business Briefing.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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