Droid X – Screen Failure – Breaking

Well in the continuation of our Verizon coverage we have to report that some Droid X users are documenting serious graphical or possibly electrical problems with the handset’s giant screen. We at this time do not know the cause of this problem or how widespread it is, its pretty serious problem. iPhone “Antennagate” and Droid X “Screenagate”, but to quote Rafe Needleman from CNETs Buzz Out Loud “If technology was perfect we would be out of a job”. Symptoms include rapid flickering and vertical banding over all or part of the 4.3-inch LCD. Several forumites claim to have already had their phones replaced, in some cases being told the defect was a common problem in their respective launch day batches. AGRS and Engadget have reached out to Verizon for comment we will let you know what we hear. Below are some videos of this problem.

Source(s): Engadget. Verizon

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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