Goodbye Nexus

Google officially announced today that they have stopped shipments of the Nexus One from their online store. As with the Microsoft KIN last month, it looks like Nexus One is pretty much Nexus Done.

Actually, not entirely. Authorized retailers will still have the Nexus One available, but so far there aren’t many, if any, in the US. T-Mobile still doesn’t have it in their stores and by the looks of it they won’t. You could buy it from an online retailer if you can find one, but it would be at retail price of $500.

The Nexus One debuted back in January and from the start it wasn’t selling in big numbers. In the first week only about 35,000 lucky people bought it, and in its entire life only about 100,000 more units were sold. But those lucky Nexus owners have a lot to smile about, that their phone is still one of the best on the cellphone ladder. I would put it in second after the EVO (that is based on the entire cell phone market, not just Android).

3 Responses to “Goodbye Nexus”
  1. Joel Pederson says:

    It would have been even better had you been able to buy it in stores and not just online

  2. maybe we will see Nexus 2, but hey about the KIN you could go to a Verizon and probably just ask for one unactivated and get it free I’m going to try.

  3. Joel Pederson says:

    that is a good idea tell me if it works

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