Verizon – Limiting Data AT&T Style

Well perhaps Verizon switching to SIM is not the best thing in the whole world. Engadget is reporting that Verizon will begin implementing AT&T style data rate limits late this month, early next month. Verizon and AT&T tend to follow each others trends pretty closely. Big Red intends to move to some sort of tiered bucket strategy on July 29. We don’t have details on whether the pricing will be identical to AT&T’s ($25 for 2GB, $15 for 200MB), but we imagine it’ll be within shouting distance if not. Of course this is not new, Verizon has been sending this message long before AT&T. So Sprint, when are you switching? I guess we can say Droid does, limited data.

Source: Engadget

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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