Verizon – Prepaid Data Plan – FiveSpot

Currently Verizon only offers prepaid mobile broadband in buckets ranging from 100MB up to 1GB at prices from $15 to $50. Problem is, 1GB goes by in about two seconds if you’re a youtuber, or really likes the Pandora. Engadget is hearing that a 5 GB option will be launching on August 23 for an surpassingly low $80, way cheaper than my contracted 3G air card. The data will presumably be usable up to 30 days after date of purchase just like the current 1 GB limit. That is just speculation though, it sounds slightly ridiculous but I guess that is the price you pay for contract freedom and I think we all could burn through 5 GB in 30 days.

On a similar and useful note, Engadget is reporting that the Verizon FiveSpot is slated for a late August launch. we don’t have an exact day, and it’ll be officially replacing the MiFi — makes sense. If you already have a MiFi and you don’t do much international travel, it doesn’t seem like there’s a compelling reason to upgrade, but international travelers will really want to check this one out.

Source: Engadget

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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