HP Slate – No You Can’t Have One – BREAKING

Well it all seemed way to good to be true, reports are coming in the HP Slate will be and enterprise only device like the Cisco Cius. This Windows 7 tablet as unveiled by Steve Ballmer at CES in January won’t hit the consumer market as planned — speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, HP Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley said the slate will be “more customer-specific than broadly deployed,” and that it would launch the Microsoft-based tablet “for the enterprise” in the fall. This unfortunately works with what we heard yesterday, that the Slate was in “customer evaluations”, as they prepared for the “next steps” and based on these comments from Bradley and Palm head Jon Rubinstein, it certainly sounded like the company will focus Windows tablets at the enterprise and develop a variety of webOS devices for the consumer market. Of course there is not an official announcement yet. Hopefully we wont get screwed out of true mobile productivity. The only thing that we can confidently say is that the HP Slate has definitely succeeded the iPad as the tech industry’s favorite vaporware tablet.

Source: Engadget

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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