Android Powered Smartbook – $99 – Kmart

Well we have never heard of this company before, but apparently Augen makes a $150 Android tablet and a $99 Android Powered Smartbook. The GenBook 74 can be found at Kmart’s along with the 7 inch tablet. The GenBook is a 7 inch Android 1.6 clamshell sub-netbook. We kind of wish it was running 2.1 or 2.2, but it is the first of its kind. The GenBook is a huge throw back to the early days of netbooks in terms of trackpad, screen, and keyboard. The touch pad tends to randomly make selections of its own, but you can attach a USB mouse through one of its three USB ports, it also has an SD card slot. The smartbook comes preloaded with Android 1.6, and the home screen has a unique dock with shortcuts to the browser, Google Maps, email, etc. The UI is nothing new to Android users, however if you like apps well goo luck. The GenBook has two app stores, one called App Store the other is the standard Android store. Apps almost never install correctly though. The machine comes preloaded with Gmail, DocumentsToGo, iReader, a video player, etc. Yeah, we got excited about the YouTube app on the home screen, but it’s definitely not the official app and the videos refused to play. Performance is a joke, we don’t even think that the GenBook knows the definition of the word. The GenBook is powered by a 400MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM. This thing is slow, and when we say slow we don’t mean inconvenient we mean good luck getting it to do anything, the lag worse than trying to play F.E.A.R 2 on a netbook. On the nice side it does not take to long to load webpages over WiFi. The machine starts quitting programs when it’s asked to do too much at the same time. We were fine sending an email in Gmail and listening to an MP3 in the background, but that’s about the extent of it. Oh, and playing an MP4 video was a terribly choppy experience.

The bottom line is if you want to load google is bing fast than this will work for you. The device is single purpose. Honestly we would recommend hitting up Craigslist for a used (real) netbook, you can usually find one for $50 more. And that is $50 more well spent. We should know more about the Augen’s $150 7 inch tablet is better. Oh and the GenBook only has 2GB of flash on an SDD.

Source: Engadget

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~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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