Another Chance For BlackBerry

Coming soon to an AT&T store near you is the BlackBerry Torch. The newest BlackBerry Smartphone on the Market. At first glance the phone looks sleek, and different. Then once the phone begins to slide up you realize, that this is the best of both worlds for BlackBerry users. But wait, what BlackBerry users? The BlackBerry Torch with it’s touch screen, and the slide out keyboard keep the BlackBerry tiny keys hidden until you want them. Also, the phone will be boasting BlackBerry 6 OS. Why couldn’t this phone have come out in 2007? RIM is trying to save their failing BlackBerry brand. This new phone might just save them.

First off, the new torch device does have a slide out, classic style, BlackBerry keybord. This makes the device appealing to old Blackberry users because they can have a touch screen and keep their old keys. Another plus for the torch is the new BlackBerry 6 OS. This new version developed by RIM creates better “social feeds, enhanced browsing, and a better multimedia experience.” Also, this phone could not becomeing out at a better time. This will be an exclusive phone to AT&T who is still in chaos over the iPhone 4 problems. So, the iPhone users on AT&T will look for a more reliable phone and showcased right next to the iPhone 4 will be the BlackBerry Torch. I wish BlackBerry the best of luck. Because for a while Research in Motion became Research that used to be in motion.

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-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor

3 Responses to “Another Chance For BlackBerry”

  2. Blackberry has a few too many holes in its blackberry ship, this patch looks a little like swiss cheese if you want to win over any and I mean any non-corparte or die hard blackberry user. My thoughts as to why will be on my personal blog shortly (

  3. Joel Pederson says:

    Yea they kinda screwed them selves on AT&T

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