HTC Dual Band CDMA/GSM Slider To Verizon – 2011

Well things certainly are leaking out a lot quicker these days when it comes to phones. This HTC slider is slated for release to Verizon in 2011 but we are seeing it now in 2010. This Android powered phone purportedly runs off of a 1.2 GHz processor (dual-core anyone?), it’s not Motorola’s wish for a 2.0GHz,but we don’t mind too much. The device also has a 4.0 inch screen (these things keep getting bigger but appear to settle about 4 inches these days). The prototype above reportedly is using a Vodaphone SIM, which makes this thing a world phone by the time of release. Anything could change, so we will be here keeping you up to date with all the Android and other things you need to know.

Source: Android Guys

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~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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  1. […] that really large, really nice HTC slider we reported back on 8/7, thought not well its back, and thanks to the FCC we have more shots of this beast. This HTC device […]

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