QUICK HIT: My Thoughts On BlackBerry Torch – From My Personal Blog

Blackberry has a few too many holes in its blackberry ship, this patch looks a little like Swiss cheese if you want to win over any and I mean any non-corporate or die hard blackberry user. Why? Well a little background real fast, right now RIM’s BlackBerry currently dominates the smart phone market in the US for one and one reason only, Corporate, many BlackBerry users will switch to another plat form with in this year around 42% of the Blackberry user base will switch and 42% of the switchers will get the iPhone 4 (why not Android I don’t know). one of my editors said this “…The iPhone users on AT&T will look for a more reliable phone and showcased right next to the iPhone 4 will be the BlackBerry Torch.” So to the why, the reason I believe that this patch…Read More.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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