More HTC Awesomeness?

Oh snap Mr.Wiggins is back and I have uncovered some new HTC rumors.

Lets start with the HTC Desire HD.

An Italian website has got its hands on a prototype of the so called “European EVO”. It should have 2.2 out of the box when it lands in the EU. It does not have HDMI out nor a front camera, but it is crafted with an Aluminum Unibody just like the Legend.

Next up is the HTC Schubert. The name is not very good at all but the same Italian website made a video of a prototype Schubert.

Sorry about the error message. Anyways it is an Aluminum Unibody Windows Phone 7, and it looks really futuristic. Current rumors say that the name will be changed and it will be out in October-November. Verizon? Sprint? AT&T? Telus? Well sorry we can’t Tel u.

More HTC Windows Phone 7’s are on the way. We are currently tracking the latest on the HTC Mondrain and the HTC Mozart, and you can count on AGRS to give you the latest and greatest in Tablets and Phones.

Nicolas Wiggins
AGRS Android Correspondent


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  1. […] or 1PM Central European Time. Incase you wanted to know). Our guess is that we will see both the Desire HD, Desire Z (G2 in the US), and possibly a preview of the yet unnamed HTC PD42100 for Verizon, but we […]

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